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14 Mar 2013

Above: Williams FW35 Rear End during assembley

 Above: Sauber C32 during build up

 Above: Sauber C32 - Sidepod Bodywork shows how narrow their Sidepods are

Above: Sauber C32 Rear End during build up

Above: Williams FW35 Front Wing

Above: Williams FW35 Front Brake Assembly, including great shot of air scoops

Above: Marussia MR-02 Engine Cover complete with Shark Fin

Above: Toro Rosso STR8 Front Wing

Above: Lotus E21 during build up

Above: Ferrari F138 during build up

Above: Red Bull mechanic working on the RB9

Above: McLaren MP4-28 being pushed around the pit garage

 Above: McLaren MP4-28 Semi Coanda Exhaust

Above: McLaren MP4-28 returned to the less complicated turning vanes as used on the MP4-27

Above: McLaren MP4-28 Sidepod/Cockpit Wings

Above: McLaren MP4-28 Floor area shows the Starter Motor Hole slit

Above: McLaren MP4-28 Floor leading edge shows the horseshoe vortex generator and floor scroll

 Above: McLaren MP4-28 Front Wing from behind detail

Above: McLaren MP4-28 Splitter / T-Tray / Bib - Changed since the launch spec but may have been used in testing

Above: Red Bull mechanics working on the front corner of the RB9

Above: Red Bull RB9 Bulkhead

Above: Red Bull Front Brake assembley

Above: Red Bull Airbox / Roll Hoop

Above: Ferrari F138 Front Brake Assembley

Above: Red Bull mechanic at work

Above: Ferrari F138 Leading Edge of the floor, showing Bargeboard and Mini Bargeboards whilst above we have the split Sidepod Airflow Conditioner

Above: Ferrari F138 - Semi Coanda exhaust and floor, including shot of the 3 vertical floor strakes under the lower wishbone

Above: Ferrari F138 Exhaust detail

 Above: Lotus E21 Airbox / Roll Hoop with the DRD 'Ears' covered up

Above: Sauber C32 Front edge of the floor showing R Cascade which creates a longitudinal vortex along the floors edge

 Above: Sauber C32 Front edge of the floor showing R Cascade which creates a longitudinal vortex along the floors edge

 Above: Sauber C32 Beam Wing and Crash Structure

Above: Sauber C32 under nose Turning Vanes

 Above: Williams FW35 Rear Brake Duct

Above: Williams FW35 Beam Wing with small integrated Y75 Winglet (Monkey Seat)

 Above: Williams FW35 Cross-Under Tunnel

 Above: Mercedes W04 Front Wing Cascade and Endplate detail
Above: Ferrari F138 - 6 Tier Front Wing

 Above: Williams FW35 Cross-Under Tunnel and Ramped Coanda exhaust layout

 Above: Ferrari F138 Older Spec Front Wing Endplate (6 Tier)

 Ferrari F138 - Great shot of the underside of the wing as the team change the nose in a practice pit-stop

 Above: Toro Rosso rear end detail shows Leading Edge Holes in the Endplates and huge monkey seat

 Ferrari F138 - Semi Coanda Exhaust

 Above: Ferrari F138 - Semi Coanda Exhaust

 Above: Lotus E21 Splitter shot including good view of the cooling hole

Above: Sauber Rear Wing  with sagged central section

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