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I'm Matthew Somerfield, a freelance journalist focused on the technical elements of Formula One. It has been a pleasure to provide content via this site for the last 5 years, which has led me to several paid freelancing jobs along the way. I'm currently plying my trade with and working alongside the legend that is Giorgio Piola.

This has seen the content here diminish as a result and I'd like that to change. In order to accomplish this I need your financial support, as I need to break free of the shackles of doing this part time. If you like the content I've been producing and want more of it I'd ask that if you can spare some change each month it'd go a long way towards transforming this site into the technical behemoth I know it can be.

As such I've set up a 'tip jar' over on Patreon and will continue to set goals and rewards based on our success -

12 Apr 2013

A selection of the best technical images from Thursday's preparations in China


  1. What do you reckon the second opening alongside the exhaust slot on the Ferrari is for? I know nothing about aero, but it seems to me that perhaps it is exhausting air from the body cavity or engine surround which might help keep the faster exhaust gases from spilling sideways from the "coanda" effect slot?

    1. Hi Ted

      It's something that has been done before and as you point out it can be used to aid in attachment as much as it does the job of cooling

  2. any idea why ferrari's exhaust exit is so small ? when you compare redbull...

    1. Engine and or torque characteristics could play a huge role, tuning the size and orientation can help with the way power is produced. The aero however is perhaps more important and by tuning the exit size can help to extract better performance at a given rev range.


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