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5 Jul 2013

In light of the events at Silverstone the FIA have finally seen sense and made stipulations on the teams in regard to the operation of the Tyres. Pirelli have long sought the help of the governing body in terms of regulating the way their tyres are used and so in a document issued to the teams the FIA made the following statement:

Tyre Operating Procedures

For safety reasons, we have been asked by Pirelli to ensure that the tyres on all cars are run under the
conditions listed below. It will be the responsibility of each team to satisfy the FIA technical delegate that
their cars comply with the following requirements at all times :

1) Minimum starting pressure front and rear : 16psi.
2) Minimum stabilised running pressure front : 20psi.
3) Minimum stabilised running pressure rear : 19psi.
4) Maximum negative EOS camber front : 4.0°.
5) Maximum negative EOS camber rear : 2.5°.
6) Front and rear tyres must be used on the side of the car for which they were originally
designated (no swapping from side-to-side).
7) The blankets strategies set out in 13R09NUR Preview V3 must be observed.

Performance can be leveraged from all of these parameters and so it will once again mean that some teams (who perhaps do not operate on the fringes) will benefit.  Teams operating on or below Pirelli's recommendations will find their advantage however small, marginalized.


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