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6 Sept 2013

 A selection of the best technical images from Fridays action at Monza courtesy of Sutton Images
Sauber C32 Lower downforce rear wing features a fairly large chorded top flap with a centralised V groove

 Ferrari F138 - Lower downforce package consists of the under nose chin previously used in Canada, a single upper flap Front Wing (although pictured here with Fernando using a wing with Cascades, they also have one without) and shallow Angle of Attack rear wing with singular endplate louvre, the re-introduction of tyre wake slots in the leading edge of the Endplate and the removal of the trailing edge slats that have featured all season.

Lotus E21 - Low downforce Front & Rear Wings and extended wheel base chassis

Red Bull RB9 low downforce rear wing features louvre-less endplates

McLaren MP4/28 -Side view shows the additional cooling slots added to the lower section of the engine cover whilst the car has been treated to an all new Rear Wing devoid of the tyre wake slots the team have been using in the leading edge of the Endplates.

Lotus E21 - Romain utilises the standard wheelbase E21 with a new nose, front wing and rear wing which we can see the latter features an endplate devoid of louvres

Ferrari F138 - The team once again trailing the extended bodywork around the exhaust whilst flo-viz was applied to the beam wing

Ferrari F138 - Low downforce front wing which features only 2 raised sections in the footplate, the brake cooling fan has been placed where the cascades would usually sit whilst the upper flap that is usually divided into 2 has been replaced by 1 element

Force India VJM06 - Rear end detail

Mercedes W04 - Rear end detail, also notice the sculpted beam wing which features are raised central section

McLaren MP4/28 - Monza specification cascade-less front wing also features a top flap that has been cut away to reduce downforce

Ferrari F138 - As previously mentioned the new cascade-less front wing features 2 vertical vortex generators in order to manipulate the airflow around the front wheels.  Whilst the top flap is one piece rather than the usual split into 2 arrangement

Mercedes W04 - Rear end detail

Red Bull RB9 - Rear end detail

Ferrari F138 - new front wing from behind which features the singular upper flap

Red Bull RB9 - Nose without the pylons / wing attached

Mercedes W04 - New rear wing shows the enlarged tyre wake slots in the leading edge of the endplate, curved vortice controlling strakes at the trailing edge and small twin louvres moved back off the leading edge of the endplate

Lotus E21 - Front brake duct detail

Lotus E21 - New front wing which features a cascade which is much shorter than its predecessor and stood away from the endplate by a horizontal blade

McLaren MP4/28 - Close up of the cascade-less front wing the team used during FP1 & 2

Sauber C32 - Floor detail shows the cross under tunnels exit at the rear of the coke bottle

Mercedes W04 - Front wing once again retro fitted with an IR camera to analyze tyre temperatures

Red Bull RB9 - Splitter detail

Red Bull RB9 - Rear end detail with flo-viz applied to the diffuser

Ferrari F138 - Rear wing detail shows the leading edge tyre wake slots used in Silverstone have returned, whilst for the first time this time this season the team have removed the trailing edge slats from the endplates.

Force India VJM06 - Note theMonza specific rear wing

Mercedes W04 - DRD applied for the installation lap to assess and collect data this was of course tied to an older high angle rear wing

Toro Rosso STR8 - Note the low angle of attack rear wing ( I could iron my shirt on that wing it's that flat)

Sauber C32 - DRD applied to Esteban's car

McLaren MP4/28 Low downforce package comprising of both new front and rear wings

Lotus E21 - Low downforce package comprises of a new nose (FOM camera's placed on either side of the nose rather than low down between the pylons) front wing with narrower cascades and shallow angle of attack rear wing

Red Bull RB9 - During FP2 the team removed the main cascades from their front wings but left the inner 'r' cascades


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