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10 Mar 2014

Having already discussed Mercedes use of the U bend in this years diffuser due to the change in regulations regarding the starter motor hole, it may come as no surprise that the team are already making change around the central portion of the diffuser.

Added at this test we see a pair of triangular sections flank the Y100 region (lower inset), their intent to lower the pressure and increase the upwash. In the upper inset we can see the previous configuration, much like their competitors is simply a blunt section that creates a pressure gradient under the crash structure, forcing it upward through both the slot and trailing edge. This of course lowers the pressure behind the crash structure encouraging the diffuser flow to do the same. The addition of the triangulations will lead to the area becoming 'fenced off' as the pressure gradients entwine and create vortices. This is by no means a 'silver bullet' and would be relatively easy to copy by the other teams but as always must be done so with the consideration of many of the surrounding elements that come into play.


Whilst I'm trying to keep atop of the blog you may have noticed of late that there is less content appearing. For those of you that haven't realised, most of my work has now been moved over to where I'm working with Giorgio Piola.

As some of you may have found out already I'm also working with the Missed Apex crew on their podcast from time-to-time, either doing race reviews or dedicated 'Tech Time' shows.

I've embedded the latest version of the podcast below and will update this a frequently as I appear. However, please head over to Itunes if you want it to appear in your player when episodes are available. The show is great to work on and has a great lineup of 'regulars' but has also enticed some bigger names recently too, with Will Buxton and Bradley Philpot on shows during the summer break.

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