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9 May 2014

A selection of the best technical images from Thursdays preparations in Barcelona ahead of the GP courtesy of Sutton Images

Sauber C33 - New Front Wing, new outwardly pointed cascades and additional endplate canard compared with the old wing below

Lotus E22 - Front wing and nose, note the snowplough between the nose prongs

Ferrari F14T - New rear wing support pylon, now one central support rather than two (not mounted on both cars yet)

Ferrari F14T Front Wing from behind

Lotus E22 - Under chassis turning vanes

Red Bull RB10 - New rear wing endplates featuring conventional pressure louvres rather than the slots behind the planes

Toro Rosso STR9 with the floor off

Caterham CT05 - Front Wing

Williams FW36 - Front Wing

Williams FW36 - Front Wing 

Toro Rosso STR9 - Rear Wing, note the centralised curvature of the upper flap and extended Gurney flap

Ferrari F14T - Brake assembly, note this one has the end cap on the spindle and so is not using the blown effect

 Mercedes WO5 - Front Brake duct detail

Ferrari F14T - Front Brake assembly, note the uncapped spindle on this arrangement pointing at the use of blowing

 Sauber C33 - New Front Wing, note the endplate canard

 Williams FW36 - Front Brake assembly

Caterham CT05 - Front Wing detail

Sauber C33 - Rear Wing detail, note how critical weight saving has become with the team choosing not to paint the mainplane/upper flap
Sauber C33 - Front Brake assembly

 Sauber C33 - Under chassis turning vanes

 Force India VJM07 - Front Wing detail from behind

Williams FW36 - Cockpit fins, also note the wing mirrors are no longer mounted on the vertical vortex generator extensions

Sauber C33 - Rear floor detail

Sauber C33 - Front of floor detail, note the 2 additional fins that extrude from the bargeboard that will generate vortices 

Sauber C33 Splitter arrangement, interesting curvature around the stay


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