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10 Oct 2014

Having intoduced their new nose design in Suzuka, the team also revsed some additional elements that will make use of the extra mass flow under the nose.
Above: Image AMuS

The bargeboards now feature two slots on the upper egde, much like we have seen on the Red Bull and Lotus in the past.  The slots are added in order to change the flow characteristics of the component, with the additional/cleaner mass flow now entering under the nose, toward the splitter and then onward to the bargeboards needing extra treatment.
Above: STR's bargeboard from Singapore


  1. Hi Matt,
    In Japan it has been used

    1. Thanks Luis, altered the article, these weren't on my radar as I stopped writing the tech pieces after the Jules incident

  2. This is such a critical part of the car. The leading edge of the floor has a lot to do with the vortexes that eventually (hopefully) make it back to the diffuser. I would dearly love to see what the floor edge looks like without the barge board. There is a lot going there that we cannot really see.

    I would also say that it's nice to see Torro Roso coming out with their own aero designs, not copying the RB team as they used to do. They have a pretty outstanding chassis and if I were a team like McLaren or Williams I think I would be quite interested in the Torro Rosso Aero Department personnel. They seem to have a very clear understanding of what they are doing this year.

    This could be a top five (or better) car with the Merc powerplant.


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