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26 Nov 2014

A selection of the best technical images from Abu Dhabi courtesy of Sutton Images

Above: Taken from Bottas' instragram feed we can see that Williams trialled the PCU-8D display, which can provide more information

Above: Mercedes (Nico Rosberg) with a pitot tube array placed behind the left front tyre, assessing the tyre wake of the 2015 construction of Pirelli tyres
Above: Williams run three centralised pitot tube arrays to measure how the flow moves over the car, the most forward array measures flow around the nosecone (lower right circle), whilst above the roll hoop and mounted on the DRS actuator two more pitot tubes assess how the flow is disturbed.

Above: Force India with several test elements on the car, circled is a row of pitot tubes mounted above the leading edge of the rear wing endplate.
Above: Force India with a pitot tube array mounted behind the diffuser/left rear wheel assessing how the 2015 tyre construction affects the tyre wake and how that impinges on diffuser performance.
Above:  Ferrari with numerous pitot tube arrays mounted on the F14T to assess tyre wake from the front left of the car.
Above: Toro Rosso with a pitot tube array mounted behind the left front tyre, note that not all parts of the array have pitots fixed in them.
Above: Red Bull Racing with numerous test methods being used together, note the cameras placed in the wing mirrors assessing the front tyres, whilst pitot tube arrays are mounted behind the front left tyre and above the rear wing endplate.
 Above: Toro Rosso with a pitot tube array measuring the performance of the diffuser

Above: Sauber using a pitot tube array behind the left front tyre to assess its wake, the array is able to move vertically in order that smaller sections are tested at once.

Above:  Force India VJM07 note the heat haze above the rear wing, showing how the exhaust plume is upwashing

Above: Force India VJM07 circled is a camera mounted within the wing mirror looking at and assessing the front right tyre

 Above: Force India measuring the airflow at the leading edge of the rear wing endplate

 Above: McLaren MP4-29H 1x1 didn't turn too many laps during the test, nothing to be desperately worried about though as that is what these sort of tests are for and allowed the team time to understand any installation problems with the Honda PU.  As we can see in the circle the team were taking no chances when it came to cooling adding three cooling gills in the side of the sidepod.  These are not legal so couldn't be run at a race day (no holes/slots in this region allowed by regulation).

 Above: Although we noted the additional cooling ducts present in the left hand sidepod as we can see they aren't present on the right side.

 Above: Force India VJM07 note the pitot tube (may be a kiel probe) mounted on the long stem above the airbox
 Above: Toro Rosso STR9 - Camera mounted on the nose pylon looking across at the front wing endplate
Above: Ferrari F14T circled is what appears to be a ride height sensor (much like we'd normally see mounted under the chassis) likely analysing (and using the forward one as a benchmark) to understand how the rake of the car is affecting downforce (especially with the 2015 tyres on offer at the test).  The other smaller circles show pitot tubes mounted on the car measuring airflow.

Above: Ferrari F14T another angle showing the sensor mentioned above, whilst on the other side of the car the team have added a pitot tube array to assess the tyre wake and how it impinges on diffuser performance
 Above: Lotus E22: An item we have seen the team use before (circled) looks across at the front tyres sidewall allowing the team to understand deformation

 Above: Red Bull RB10 - Fans used to cool the Reanult PU
Above: Ferrari F14T complex pitot tube array surrounds the front left tyre measuring airflow close to the tyres surface and also the flow moving around the front wheel

Above: Williams FW36 - Already mentioned above but a close up of the pitot tube mounted above the DRS actuator pod

Above: Ferrari spying on the opposition, using a thermal image camera to assess other teams cars

Above: Force India VM07 - test the 'Info Wing' for Anthony Hamilton, a device with the intention of giving positional, driver number information etc to fans trackside

 Above: Williams FW36 nosecone
 Above: Williams FW36 front wing from behind

Above: Lotus try out the more expansive McLaren Electronics PCU-8D display



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  2. Man those are awesome shots, thank you! too long but I'll make due of what I can view. Are you sutton or sutton allows you to take his images? I would like to learn from him if he does as I should be taking some photos of it this year


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