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30 Sep 2015

A selection of the best technical images from Suzuka courtesy of Sutton Images
Williams FW37 rear end detail

Mercedes W06 during build up with radiator / PU exposed

Mercedes W06 rear brake and suspension assembly

Force India VJM08 rear brake assembly

Toro Rosso STR10 front wing as introduced in Singapore

Lotus E23 front wing detail

Force India VJM08 rear wing detail

Ferrari SF15-T front wing detail

Lotus E23 front wing detail

Force India VJM08 front brake duct detail

McLaren MP4-30 rear wing detail, note the bare carbon on the inside of the endplates and flaps

McLaren MP4-30 exhaust detail, note how its tip is tilted upward

McLaren MP4-30 diffuser detail

Ferrari SF15-T rear wing being mounted

Ferrari SF15-T rear brake duct

Williams FW37 front wing detail from behind

Ferrari SF15-T front wing detail

McLaren MP4-30 nose detail, note elongated pylons first used in Singapore

McLaren MP4-30 front wing detail, note inboard canard added for Suzuka

McLaren MP4-30 Sidepod, Bargeboard and Floor detail

Mercedes W06 new rear wing (explained here:

Force India VJM08 front wing, note the upper flaps angle of attack

Red Bull RB11 nose and fron twing detail

Force India VJM08 - note the temperature sensitivity, brake warming blankets over the brake housings whilst the inlets have been blanked off.  A fan is also placed under the nose of the car, likely cooling any electrical components in the vicinity.

Mercedes W06 Y100 winglet

Mercedes W06 front wing detail

Mercedes W06 front wing detail

Mercedes W06 front brake duct detail

Ferrari SF15-T front brake duct detail

Mercedes W06 Bargeboard, fins, sidepod and floor detail

Sauber C34 with flo-viz applied to the sidepods inlet
Mercedes W06 rear end detail
Mercedes W06 foil cover used on the grid to regulate the rear brake temperatures



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