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23 Oct 2015

A selection of the best technical images from Austin courtesy of Sutton Images as always keep checking back as the gallery will be updated throughout the weekend

Williams FW37 rear wing
Williams FW37 front brake assembly
Williams FW37 splitter detail
Williams FW37 rear brake assembly
Ferrari SF15-T front wing, note the addition of the inboard endplate canard (highlighted in green) which helps to turn airflow around and over the front tyre
McLaren MP4-30 front brake duct assembly
Force India VJM08 front brake assembly
Force India VJM08 front brake assembly
Red Bull RB11 rear wing
Ferrari SF15-T front brake duct
Sauber C34 front brake duct

Sauber C34 front brake duct
Lotus E23 chassis and turning vane detail
McLaren MP4-30 front wing
Mercedes W06 front brake detail

Williams FW37 front wing detail from the underside
Red Bull RB11 - Mechanic works underneath the car

Red Bull RB11 front wing detail
Red Bull RB11 floor detail
Red Bull RB11 diffuser detail
Mercedes W06 engine cover, usual specification
Mercedes W06 front wing detail, note the 'teeth' added in Japan are retained

Mercedes W06 - Additional roll hoop inlets added to feed an additonal/enlarged cooler at the rear of the car.  This is only fitted to Nico's car and is likely being done to validate data ahead of the Mexican GP
Mercedes W06 steering wheel, procedural notes added for the driver: S3 (Sector 3) Check brake temp, brake warm off / Grid (Going to the grid) BBal (Brake Balance), RS (Race Start Mode), Strat 5 (Engine mode setting), Clu Warm (Clutch warm), Clu Pos (Clutch Position)

Force India VJM08 front wing detail (latest spec)

Force India VJM08 selection of front wings, newest on top
McLaren MP4-30 with new front wing (upper flaps are different)

Mercedes W06 engine cover with roll hoop inlets, note differences with standard spec already presented

Mercedes W06 engine cover outlet
Mercedes W06 front suspension detail (nice shot of the conjoined lower wishbone)
Mercedes W06 rear end detail (Nico's car with additional roll hoop inlets and new engine cover, changes the shape of the rear cooling outlets)
Williams FW37 floor, note for transportation the tyre spat region with the slots and strakes on it has been replaced with a generic flat section

Ferrari SF15-T diffuser detail

McLaren MP4-30 - 11 floor slots have been added to the floor ahead of the rear tyre to help with tyre squirt, whilst the previous 4 dog-leg style slots at the rear have been reduced to 2
McLaren MP4-30 rear end detail, note exhaust height is back to a higher position above the crash structure
Williams FW37 slotted bargeboards

Mercedes W06 front brake duct detail
Ferrari SF15-T rear end detail


Ferrari SF15-T steering wheel (Kimi)
Ferrari SF15-T Rear wing endplates

McLaren MP4-30 more shots of the new floor slots
McLaren MP4-30 rear wing endplates
McLaren MP4-30 steering wheel
Williams FW37 steering wheel (image inverted)
Mercedes W06 in the garage using ebmpapst cooler to keep the PU at the optimum temperature
Red Bull RB11 rear end detail

Mercedes W06 steering wheel from behind

Mercedes W06 internal pipework
Williams FW37 rear end detail, note that the team are using the larger cooling outlety

McLaren MP4-30 front wing
Ferrari SF15-T front wing changes for Austin
The upper flaps have been completely reprofiled (Green), as has the mainplanes connection point to the neutral centre section (Blue).  Both of the changes above will affect how the Y250 vortex forms and has been do so inline with changes to the Turning Vanes and addition of a bat wing further back.
The mainplane arcs (purple)at the outboard leading edge has also been amended with the flaps in that section behind it also being changed.  The infrared camera (red) which monitors tyre temperatures across the tread platform has also been reshaped and moved making way for a new inboard endplate canard (yellow) which along with the aforementioned outboard alterations will change how the airflow moves around the front tyre, affecting the wake that it then sheds.

Ferrari SF15-T - New Turning Vanes (highlighted in green) whilst the vanes added to the splitter (purple) make a return, the change in philosophy in turning vanes also comes with the addition of a 'Bat Wing' like Mercedes have used on the W05 & W06 (Yellow with the ride height sensor it is mounted on in Blue)

Ferrari SF15-T - Changes made to both the Gurney extensions (shortened) and the additional upstands in front of the Gurneys with one less used owing to the shape/length changes.
McLaren are investigating changes ahead of 2016 which mainly centre around the use of a more aggressively raked car, in order to do this all of the aero components must be tuned to take advantage of the rake.  As such the wing shown above handles the airflow in a slightly different way to the previous spec.  Furthermore it changes the shape of the vortices it sheds and in doing so how the airflow spilling off the tyre behaves.

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