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26 Nov 2015

A selection of the best technical images from Abu Dhabi courtesy of Sutton Images, this gallery will be updated throughout the weekend.  You can also keep up to date with the technical story as it evolves on my Twitter and Instagram feeds...

FIA scrutineering bay and weighbridge

McLaren MP4-30 rear wing detail

Ferrari SF15-T rear brake assembly

Williams FW37 rear brake assembly
Williams FW37 chassis detail

Williams FW7 front brake duct assembly

Williams FW37 splitter detail

Red Bull RB11 rear end detail, note the internal construction of the centre mounting pylon and the coating applied to inner surface of the exhaust

Mercedes W06 rear suspension and brake assembly, note how the lower wishbone is shaped to accept the lowest of the three fins.

Red Bull RB11 chassis detail

Red Bull RB11 - blown axle

Toro Rosso STR10 front brake assembly during build up

Force India VJM08 front brake duct

Force India VJM08 rear wing detail

Force India VJM08 rear brake assembly

Force India VJM08 chassis detail, note the 'S' duct outlet

Ferrari SF15-T chassis detail

Sauber C34 front wing detail

Toro Rosso STR10 front wing selection

Force India VJM08 chassis detail

Red Bull RB11 one piece sidepod and engine cover

McLaren MP4-30 front wings
Ferrari SF15-T chasis being worked on

Ferrari SF15-T front wing (older specification)

Williams FW37 bodywork and seat

Williams FW37 chassis detail
Williams FW37 rear wing detail, note alcohol sponsors (Martini) cannot be displayed in Abu Dhabi
Sauber C34 front wing detail from above

Mercedes W06 kiel probe array, usually mounted from one side of the chassis between the front wheel and sidepod.

Manor F1 MR03B front wing selection, upper of the two is the most recent specification





Whilst I'm trying to keep atop of the blog you may have noticed of late that there is less content appearing. For those of you that haven't realised, most of my work has now been moved over to where I'm working with Giorgio Piola.

As some of you may have found out already I'm also working with the Missed Apex crew on their podcast from time-to-time, either doing race reviews or dedicated 'Tech Time' shows.

I've embedded the latest version of the podcast below and will update this a frequently as I appear. However, please head over to Itunes if you want it to appear in your player when episodes are available. The show is great to work on and has a great lineup of 'regulars' but has also enticed some bigger names recently too, with Will Buxton and Bradley Philpot on shows during the summer break.

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