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29 Apr 2016

A selection of the best technical images from the Russian GP courtesy of Sutton Images

Haas VF16 new front wing, raced in China by Grosjean after recieving accident damage but this is the first time they've started with it.
Sauber C35 front wing detail
Manor MRT05 front brake detail
Williams FW38 new front wing as first used by Massa in Bahrain, both drivers ran it for the first time in Russia
Ferrari SF16-H front brake duct detail, note the use of the tear drop shaped outlets which permeate the crossover pipework in order to line up with those housed in the drum.
Williams FW38 sidepod cooling outlets
Mercedes W07 rear end detail
Williams FW38 nose detail
Mercedes W07 front wing detail
Mercedes W07 'S' duct inlet
Mercedes W07 double tier Y150 winglet (Monkey Seat)
Mercedes W07 floor detail ahead of the rear tyre
Mercedes W07 front wing detail

Red Bull RB12 - trialling the aeroscreen canopy protection system
Williams FW37 rear brake detail
Red Bull RB12 chassis detail
Red Bull RB12 rear wing
Williams FW38 front wing detail
Williams FW38 rear end detail
Red Bull RB12 bulkhead detail
Williams FW38 front wing detail
Ferrari SF16-H brake assembly detail, before pipework and drum is put in place
Mercedes W07 rear wing detail
Ferrari SF16-H front suspension and chassis detail
Haas VF16 front wing detail
Sauber C35 bulkhead
Haas VF16 front wing detail
Haas VF16 brake duct detail, note front face crossover pipework which takes airflow collected by the main inlet and ejects it out of the wheel face.  Note also the teams use of a blown axle.
Manor MRT05 rear wing detail
Sauber C35 rear wing detail
Sauber C35 steering wheel detail
Renault RS16 front brake detail, note their use of a front face crossover pipe, which takes airflow from the main inlet and ejects it out through the wheels face
Renault RS16 tri-airbox detail
Renault RS16 rear brake duct detail
Renault RS16 rear wing detail
Renault RS16 steering wheel detail
Force India VJM09 chassis detail
Williams FW38 rear brake duct detail
Williams FW38 front brake duct detail
Lewis Hamilton's steering wheel
Sauber C35 steering wheel
Ferrari mechanics work on the DRS of the SF16-H's rear wing

Williams rear end detail
Williams FW38 front wing and nose detail

Ferrari mechanics check the SF16-H's front wing

Ferrari's older specification front wing

Flo-viz applied to the W07's front wing is investigated upon return to the garage.  Pictures are taken for further analysis back at Brackley.

Red Bull's aeroscreen being tested in free practice

Williams FW38 front brake duct detail

Williams FW38 front brake duct detail
Williams FW38 Turning Vanes and splitter crossbow
Red Bull RB12 ride height sensor



  1. Thanks very much for the photos. Don't know what half the stuff does but I could spend hours looking at it

  2. Mark takes a mean image. Bit of bedtime detail analysis.


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