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14 Sept 2018

2021 is set to be a bold new step in a different direction for Formula One, as it marks a distinct line in the sand between the 'Bernie era' and that of its new owners. With the bi-lateral agreements that tie everyone into the sport coming to their natural conclusion at the end of 2020 the future of the sport relies heavily on what comes next.

As part of this massive shake-up the commercial rights holder has seen an opportunity to make what they consider to be positive changes to the technical regulations and improve the abilty for drivers to dice wheel-to-wheel. A technical working group, headed by Ross Brawn has been looking at ways in which they can achieve this objective but also deliver a design that stirs the emotions of onlookers.

The first imagery of this vision for the future has landed in Singapore in the form of three concepts, which I'll dissect a little more...

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