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10 Sept 2019

Friday is usually a day at a Grand Prix that I use to scope out where I'm going sit/stand for qualifying and the race. However, having been on the road and with the rain set to last the day, I decided to have myself a lie-in, afterall I was on holiday too... Anyway, I got itchy feet early-on and the skies looked to be clearing up, so I set off for the circuit (I was staying on a campsite about 40 minutes away).

Once parked, pretty far away from the circuit compared with Thursday, I set off into Monza, planning to do my usual routine. But, with only one session to work with it would require a fair bit of walking around during the session - well at least that's what I thought. As I made my way out to Ascari that little voice in my head urged me to turn left, and with that I found myself with an excellent vantage point behind the old banking midway along Curva del Serragglio. I'd thoroughly recommend at least spending a few minutes here if you want to see the cars building upto full-chat.

Just bear in mind when looking through these photo's that I'm not a photographer and I'm using a camera that I borrowed for the trip... there's probably quite a few poor shots amongst these but I've just dumped everything on the site.










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