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10 May 2013

The best technical images available from the Spanish GP courtesy of Sutton Images

Ferrari F138 Comparison: Massa above tried out new Sidepod Airflow Conditioners that ran over the top of the Sidepod Inlet in FP1, the Sidepods exhaust section is also longer and the angle to the floor reduced

 McLaren MP4-28 - Testing rig placed under the car to assess the airflow received by the Diffuser

Toro Rosso - New Exhaust bodywork features a Cross Under Tunnel allowing airflow to migrate underneath the bodywork without it impinging on the exhaust plumes direction and flow

Toro Rosso - A side view of the new bodywork surrounding the exhaust as discussed above

Toro Rosso STR8 - Good shot showing the detachment of the frontal portion of the Sidepod which helps keep the airflow attached to the surface of the Sidepod aiding in it's movement toward the exhaust plume

 Ferrari F138 - A new Cockpit Fin placed ahead of the Wing Mirror altering the airflow for the twin fins placed downstream

Ferrari F138 - Flo Viz applied to the car allows us to see how the air is worked around the front portion of the Sidepod, Floor and New Airflow Conditioner

Ferrari F138 - Flo Viz applied at the rear helps us to understand the role played by the aerodynamic parts

McLaren MP4-28 The team return to Vortex Generators on top of the Sidepod Inlet (used during the early stages of 2012) but also introduce the curved section leading from the Airflow Conditioner to the shoulder of the Sidepod

Ferrari F138 - A rare glimpse of the underside of the Front Wing gives us an idea of what the team are trying to achieve with the airflow

 Caterham CT-03 during build up we are afforded a shot of the gearbox

 Ferrari F138 - As mentioned in the lead picture, this image shows the lengthened Sidepod as applied to Massa's car

 Williams FW35 - Three Vertical Vortex Generator's applied to the top of the Sidepod in order to enhance the airflow heading toward the exhaust

 Caterham CT-03 - Part of Caterham's large upgrade package their twin element Airflow Conditioner now see's the rearward section curve over and connect with the shoulder of the Sidepod

 Caterham CT-03 Another element of their revised package is the small vane seen here underneath the Wing Mirror

Ferrari F138 - As tested during FP1 by Felipe Massa the new Airflow Conditioners are once again split into 2 but now we find the forward element curving over the Sidepod Inlet and joining at the side of the Cockpit acting as a Leading Edge Slat, the rearward element defines the ariflow around the side of Sidepod and helps it stay attached as it goes underneath the Sidepod and into the Coke Bottle region

 Red Bull RB9 - Overhead shot of the exhaust cross-under tunnel and twin floor strakes

McLaren MP4-28 forward shot of the Sidepod Vortex Generators mentioned above, note how they are much more curved over than their 2012 counterparts

Caterham CT-03 New Front Wing takes the Cascades across to the connection point with the Endplate which also differs in design to the early season spec.  Also note their new Vanity panel getting rid of the Step Nose

 Caterham CT-03 Rear end detail

Red Bull RB9 - Detailed image of the underside of the Front Wing

 McLaren MP4-28 Rear end detail, notice the smaller Brake Duct Vanes being utilised at the lower portion

 Red Bull RB9 - Read End detail

 Lotus E21 - Rear end detail

Sahara Force India VJM06 Rear end

Mercedes W04 - Rear end detail

Pirelli motorsport bag the rear tyre of the VJM06 of Paul Di Resta after it delaminated in FP2


  1. great pictures
    how do vortex generators work?
    i always thought that it would create drag.
    in aircraft they are always trying to reduce the vortex generated drag with wing tip winglets etc.

    1. Vortex Generators are often used in aircraft's when the wing has been designed inefficiently for short take offs....
      You're right that vortices tend to create drag but the net gain here is that they energize the airflow, the height of the Vortex Generator normally denotes the height of the boundary layer that they are trying to destroy at the tail of the Sidepod in this case (the wing on an aircraft) Having no way of trimming the AoA of the Sidepod means that the Sidepod itself creates different levels of lift dependent on speed and so the Vortex Genarators help to make up this differential...

  2. Do you think Ferrari will run their upgrades package in Monte Carlo because I thought they would've run the upgrades in the race but they were probably saving them for better weather in Monaco too get abetter understanding on how the impact the car.


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