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27 Jun 2013

A selection of the best technical images from Thursday at Silverstone thanks to Sutton Images

Red Bull RB9 - Rear End Detail

Mercedes W04 Rear End Detail

Mercedes W04 - Rear Wing

Mercedes W04 Rear End detail

Mercedes W04 Splitter

Mercedes W04 Floors leading edge detail

Sauber C32 Nose and Front Wing from underside, notice the length of the 'Pelican' under the nose and the 'S' Duct opening toward the rear

Sauber Front Wing Endplate

Sauber C32 Front Wing detail

Force India VJM06 Rear End detail

Force India VJM06 Rear End detail

Williams FW35 Rear End detail

Williams FW35 Rear End detail

Williams FW35 Nose

Williams FW35 Front Wing detail, one of a few designs the team have at the circuit.  Notice the way the large Cascade is split at their outer edge

Williams FW35 Blown Front Axle

Williams FW35 'Boomerang' Rear Wing

Sauber C32 Rear End detail

Sauber C32 Rear Wing

Lotus E21 'Monkey Seat' this is the shortened version last used when the team tested DRD in testing

Lotus E21 Splitter

Lotus E21 Floor, Shows how the Cross-Under Tunnels merge into the Coke Bottle region, also note the Starter Motor Hole is spring loaded to allow it to stay closed unless the starter is in use

Lotus E21 - Another shot of the floor

Lotus E21 Leading edge of the floor, shows how the differing sections create the flow structures leading rearward

Lotus E21 Floor detail shows the Cross-Under Tunnels inlet

Ferrari F138 - Underside of the Front Wing shows the Guide Strakes 

Ferrari F138 - Underside of the Front Wing Footplate shows the perforations that allow airflow to move to the underside

Ferrari F138 Rear Wing, notice the team have added slots to the leading edge of the Endplates (blue arrow) much like Williams, Force India, Marussia, Toro Rosso, McLaren & McLaren have all done before them. The 'Wake' generated by this year's Pirelli's has seen a rise in these used by the teams as the airflow effectively waves as the Tyre deforms vertically.  The slot allows pressure to move from the outside of the Endplate inside.

Lotus E21 Front Brake detail

Lotus E21 Perforated Bargeboard

Red Bull RB9 Front Brake detail

McLaren MP4-28 Bodywork

Force India Front Wing from above

Sauber C32 Nose, shows 'Pelican' underbelly

Sauber C32 being pushed around in the pitlane

Sauber C32 - Side view of the Nose and the 'Pelican' underbelly

 Red Bull RB9 Sidepod detail, note the Exhaust has been heat treated, likely a response to not wanting to open up more bodywork and inducing drag.  Heat can also make a difference in terms of airflow and so this will make a difference to the way the air is worked around the Sidepod.  The use of heat treatment on the exhaust will also be beneficial to the performance of the Engine.  I note that this exhaust configuration doesn't feature a resonator chamber.

Red Bull RB9 Front Wing, notice the Top Side Guide Strakes used in Montreal remain


  1. Hi Matt,

    Red Bull exhaust without helmholtz chamber.
    Did you see that?


    1. Hi Luis

      I did, I made comment about it above...


    2. Ok
      I'm sorry.
      I have not read correctly your comment


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