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28 Jun 2013

A selection of the best technical images from Friday's Free Practice sessions courtesy of Sutton Images

Lotus E21 - Rear end during build-up (Kimi's car)

Red Bull RB9 - Guide Strakes atop of the Front Wing as used previously in Montreal

Force India VJM06 - As per Red Bull's design in Montreal the Force India team have added Guide Strakes to their Front Wing in Silverstone (New Wing on the right)

Red Bull RB9 - Rear End detail, arrow points at the perforation made in the inner Strakes

Red Bull RB9 - Exhaust and Cross-Under Tunnel detail

Ferrari F138 New Rear Wing, Blue arrows show the Endplate cuts have been increased in order to reduce drag whilst the yellow arrows show where slots have been added to the leading edge of the Endplate.

Mercedes W04

Ferrari F138

Mercedes W04 - Under Nose Turning Vanes

Lotus E21 - New Engine Cover, features a more abruptly ending cover with Shark Fin to make up the dimensional tolerance

McLaren MP4-28

Red Bull RB9

Marussia MR-02 - Note the use of a Blown Front Axle

Caterham CT-03

Red Bull RB9

Ferrari F138

Mercedes W04 Floor Detail

Ferrari F138 with Flo Viz applied to the Beam Wing

McLaren MP4-28 Rear Wing Endplate

Lotus E21 - DRD (Drag Reduction Device)

Lotus E21 - Exhaust exposed shows the team are using a Helmholtz Resonator Chamber

Lotus E21 - Rear end detail, shows curved vertical Floor Strake

Toro Rosso STR8 rear end detail

Ferraro F138 detail from above

Ferrari 138 New Front Wing (Older configuration but with the addition of 'R' Cascades

McLaren MP4-28 Front Wing

Caterham CT-03 Front Wing from above

Ferrari F138

Red Bull RB9 during setup changes

Red Bull RB9 - Pitot tubes used to measure pressure around the Endplate louvres


  1. Looked back through the Canada images and I think Red Bull introduced their slightly modified diffuser strakes for that race.

    Great to see Lotus running DRD! Honestly thought it wouldn't be given a run out this season.

    1. Hey mate, yea perhaps I should have mentioned that but it was included in my post Montreal Tech Roundup


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