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25 Nov 2013

The V8 engine has been in use in Formula One since 2006 and although the FIA have moved to reduce it's power output over that time period the engines still produced a healthy circa 750bhp.

With the new regulations for 2014 ushering in a new power unit in the form of a V6 Turbo complimented by a reworked Energy Recovery System, Renault decided it was time to unchain the V8 letting their customers Red Bull and Caterham show what they are capable of.  The result a ear and stomach churning trip to their final resting place

Caterham CT-03 (Added as a link as Instagram wants to autoplay the file)



  1. Is it OK to say that Vettel is great guy by showing his respect to Webber with giving him the engine starter and safety goggles as well?

  2. so, limiter off and in excess of 18,000 and they still couldn't blow it up. impressive.


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