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27 Feb 2014

A selection of the best technical images from day 1 of the last pre-season test in Bahrain courtesy of Sutton Images with some additional notes from me

Lotus E22 - Gurney Trim attached to the trailing edge of the Rear Wing (Previous spec shown in the inset)

Mercedes WO5: New Splitter including very thin stay which will prevent it deflecting into the ground under braking

Mercedes WO5 - Continuing with the larger cannon style cooling outlet for the increased temperatures in Bahrain

Ferrari F14-T - New Rear Wing endplates, deleting the previous trailing edge slats used by the team.  This signals the inefficiencies seen on the car's predecessors have been ironed out. 

Ferrari F14-T - New Front Wing, very similar to the ethos employed on the F138 with 7 Tiers and 4 flaps (mainplane and upper flap split into 2)

 Mercedes WO5 - New triangulated section in the Y100 region below the crash structure will both fence off the region from errant outbound airflow by creating vortices but also increase the low pressure/upwash

Mercedes WO5 - Sidepod Airflow Conditioners, now twin element with the rear elemement curving over to meet with the Sidepod's shoulder / Vortex Generator

 Williams FW36 - New fins added around the mirror stalks to aid in vorticising the flow over the Sidepods whilst the front edge of the Sidepod is now slotted / detached in order to inject flow into the boundary layer

Mercedes WO5 - Engineers carrying in a new floor which you'll note features twin vertical floor strakes ahead of the wheel rather than the singular one used in the past



  1. I'm itching to see the Martini branded Williams. Maybe all the teams should have a specific color (red for Ferrari and orange for McLaren for instance e.t.c) during the tests and start the first race with sponsored livery.

    1. And also thanks for the fantastic details Matt :)

  2. Love the additions of the comments Matt. Helps us know what we are looking at.

    1. Thanks Chris, time unfortunately is my enemy however but I will try to do this whenever I can.


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