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7 Mar 2014

Mercedes had the luxury of bringing aerodynamic refining parts to the last test with the team having covered significant ground in the previous two tests.

As part of these refinements we find a new set of Airflow Conditioners alongside the Sidepods of the W05 (old version in top left inset). These more complex conditioners are split into two with the forward element retaining it's vertical stance whilst the rearward section arc's over to reach the Sidepod's shoulder / outbound vertical vortex generator. The creation of a two part element has already been done by several of the teams rivals and so it's no surprise that the team has at least evaluated the part for their own challenger.

That area of the car is quite sensitive especially in yaw, with tyre wake impacting the flow both over and around the Sidepod. Furthermore as the teams try to use the Sidepod's large aerodynamic surface to affect the performance of the car it's crucial to keep it operating in as wide a performance window as possible (over a wide speed threshold). The splitting of the conditioner into two elements will help to both control the front tyre wake and it's impact on the airflow around the Sidepod and create vortices that will both manage the impingement of airflow further downstream and increase the efficiency of the airflow structures in that region.


Whilst I'm trying to keep atop of the blog you may have noticed of late that there is less content appearing. For those of you that haven't realised, most of my work has now been moved over to where I'm working with Giorgio Piola.

As some of you may have found out already I'm also working with the Missed Apex crew on their podcast from time-to-time, either doing race reviews or dedicated 'Tech Time' shows.

I've embedded the latest version of the podcast below and will update this a frequently as I appear. However, please head over to Itunes if you want it to appear in your player when episodes are available. The show is great to work on and has a great lineup of 'regulars' but has also enticed some bigger names recently too, with Will Buxton and Bradley Philpot on shows during the summer break.

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