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21 Mar 2014

Red Bulls approach to the regulation changes surrounding the rear wing involved the team running a centralised pylon mounted to the engine cover (left inset). (Unlike other teams that had run with an inverted Y-Lon, which is to say that a surround is placed over the exhaust outlet providing a more rigid fixing point to be established above the gearbox).

This has changed in Melbourne with the team making revisions to both the cooling outlet and centralised pylon. Following McLaren and Marussia's lead an inverted Y-Lon can now also be found on the RB10, however the Red Bull version is masked by the end of the cooling funnel outlet with the pylon extending through the top of the bodywork and is affixed to both the upper and lower sections of the cooling funnel.

The upshot is a more efficiently packaged pylon that doesn't drastically impinge on the external aero but adds a little more rigidity over it's predecessor and likely aids in the internal airflow characteristics (drawing the airflow through the cooling funnel like an aspirator).
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