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4 Mar 2014

A selection of the best technical images from days 3 and 4 of the final pre-season test in Bahrain courtesy of Sutton Images

Marussia MR-03 - As we can see from the inset the team have opted to run the car without the cooling louvres panel next to the cockpit, perhaps in an attempt to relieve more latent heat.

The F14-T kicks up some dust and shows us just how much the airflow upwashes behind the car

Sauber's day 3 action was curtailed by a fiery demonstration

Toro Rosso STR9 - A new nose for the boys from Faenza, sporting a concaved section just behind the 'finger' section that will help retain the airflow over the chassis

Marussia MR03 - Side on detail shot of the car

Sauber C33 - A shot of the rear of the cars Front Wing as it's returned to the pits under cover

Red Bull Racing RB10 Splitter, Bargeboard and Sidepod Airflow Conditioner detail

 Red Bull Racing RB10 - Flo-Viz applied to the Sidepod's leading edge

 Red Bull Racing RB10 - rear end detail

 Toro Rosso STR9 - rear end detail, note the lack of Y100 Winglet / Monkey Seat and the increased cooling

 Ferrari F14-T - Larger cooling aperture used around the exhaust and note the extra turbo cooling added along the spine of the Engine cover (See inset)
 Mercedes WO5 - Addition of the Snorkel Inlet just beyond the airbox like the team used on it's predecessor



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