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5 Mar 2014

We've already had car launch season, followed by pre-season testing but now I've been invited to analyze perhaps the most prestigious item so far this season...

2014 will challenge the teams immensely in terms of managing heat and so without further ado I unveil the 2014 Badger GP Fantasy GP world championship winners mug - BGP006

Unlike its F1 counterparts though, it hasn't had to trim its handle by 10% and you aren't restricted to 100kgs of fuel during a race. Meaning those races that need you to get up in the middle of the night make it a perfect race companion.

The discerning F1 fan understands the challenges that the teams face this season and this mug is no different. For what lies in wait is a thermal treat, as the mug gets warmer so does its livery...
It lines up on the grid in a sexy little black number but once youve fired up the kettle and poured in your fuel it reveals a livery full of cues from the late, great Ayrton Senna's helmet. The BGP006 is therefore transformed with a flourish of yellow black and green.

Ooo where do I get one I here you say? Well like F1 only the chosen few get to sample the best machinery and so you must win your way to one.  Get on over to and enter this years fantasy GP world championship...


  1. Want one!!!! It's quite refreshing to see something different on this pages :)

  2. Or just order it from the same place they did..

    ps: great blog btw.

    1. I guess you could but you'd have to copy the design since it's a custom job and if you do that then just bear in mind what happened with McLaren and Ferrari, $100m fines for bringing the GP Mug world into disrepute... ;)


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