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13 Mar 2014

A selection of the best technical images from the preparations for this weekends' GP in Australia courtesy of Sutton Images

Mercedes WO5 - Rearward shot of the chassis presents us with a view of the conjoined lower wishbone which has been implemented for its aero advantage, under chassis turning vane, which although it's a single element features 2 vertical perforations turning it into a 3 element vane.  Whilst it's lower section forms a horizontal section that will form a Vortex shielding the crucial airflow passing under the nose from the tyre wake.

Red Bull RB10 - Mechanics prepare the car ahead of this weekends action
Mercedes WO5 - Detailed shot of the bare front end of the car during preparation

Ferrari F14T - Detailed shot of the bare front end of the car during preparation

Lotus E22 - Detailed shot of the bare front end of the car during preparation

Lotus E22 - Detailed shot of the bare front end of the car during preparation

Marussia MR03 - Front Wing / Nose stack

Caterham CT05 - Nose and Front Wing, note the team have now painted the 'finger' extension to try and hide the aesthetics of the nose

Red Bull RB10 - Front Brake Assembly (no disc attached, note the lower duct that cools the caliper)

Mercedes WO5 - Front Brake assembly (Note the crossover pipework is used to cool the caliper)

Mercedes WO5 - Roll Hoop / Airbox (Note the additional snorkel inlets added either side of the airbox for additional cooling)
Red Bull RB10 - Brake Housing (Cake Tin)

Ferrari F14T - Front Wing Endplate from the original 3 tier wing used during testing at Jerez and Bahrain

Ferrari F14T - Rear Wing

Ferrari F14T - Nose from the side, note the forward sections of the Turning Vanes are attached to the nose whilst the rear section will be affixed to the underside of the chassis

Ferrari F14T - Front brake assembly

McLaren MP4-29 Front brake assembly

Force India VJM07 Chassis detail (note the sloped underside to meet with the dimensional criteria

Force India VJM07 Rear Wing

Force India VJM07 - Front brake assembly 

Sauber C33 - Chassis detail, note the cut away section ontop of the bulkhead leading to the use of a vanity panel to make up the height differential

Sauber C33 - Front brake assembly

Toro Rosso STR9 - Chassis detail

Toro Rosso STR9 - Front brake assembly

Williams FW36 - Rear brake assembly

Williams FW36 - Chassis detail

Marussia MR03 - Front brake assembly

Marussia MR03 - Chassis detail

Williams FW36 - Airbox detail (Note the air outlets at the airbox's base, furthermore note the vortex generating wing mirror mounts)

Ferrari F14T - Front Wing detail from behind, note this is the 7 tier wing and uses a different Endplate compared to the one already pictured above

 Mercedes WO5 - Front Wings on their setup trestle with a new configuration at the bottom (new Endplates and Cascade arrangements)

Mercedes WO5 - Twin Floor Strake and Tyre Squirt Slot arrangement as tried at the last pre-season test

Mercedes WO5 - Slotted and twin element Bargeboard with a Twin element Sidepod Airflow Conditioner where the rear element reaches over and meets with the vertical vortex generator above the sidepod

Mercedes WO5 - New Splitter as tried at the last pre-season test in Bahrain
Mercedes WO5 - rear end detail (note no Gurney Trim on the sidepod air outlet)

Williams FW36 - rear end detail

Ferrari F14T - Chassis detail (note the rear portion of the Turning Vanes that mach the ones attached to the nose mentioned earlier)

Sauber C33 - Front Wing from the underside

 Mercedes WO5 - 'Bat Wing' named for obvious aesthetic reasons this is mounted as part of the ride height sensor that sits in this position on all the cars.  It utilises and re-purposes the vortices created ahead of it

 Mercedes WO5 - Rear end detail (Note the use of a blanking section within the 'U' bend

Mercedes WO5 - Rear shot of the front edge of the floor shows the 2 element Bargeboard that's leading element is also slotted


  1. You've got the best pictures I've ever seen, keep them coming !

  2. Fantastic detailed photos by Sutton Photography !! Great Technical info , Matt !! Looking foward to this amazing challenging 2014 season, and this site . Thanks :D

  3. Somers, yours is the best F1 blog around. One small pedantic point, it's preparations. X

    1. Thanks for the heads up I'll get that changed :S


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