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12 Mar 2014

A selection of the best technical images from the setup in Melbourne courtesy of Sutton Images

 McLaren MP4-29 - Sidepod bodywork, note the change in livery includes a new black element

Force India VJM07 - Detail shot includes the front brake and duct, stepped chassis and Splitter support mechanism

Sauber C33 - Sidepod detail (note the now universal impact protection spar)

Force India VJM07 - Front Wing detail 

Force India VJM07 - Chassis detail

 Force India VJM07 - Mechanic works on the front brake assembley

Force India VJM07 - Nose detail shows how the nose curves away after the mandated 50mm rear of the tip cross section

Sauber C33 - Nose and Front Wing assemblies 

Toro Rosso STR9 - New and old Nose and Front Wing configurations, older specification on top with the newer one used at the last pre-season test featuring higher arcs either side of the 'finger' protrusion.  This will allow more airflow to pass under the nose toward the chassis.  Meanwhile you'll note that changes to the Front Wing come in the form of a 3 instead of 2 tier outer cascade and the outer portion of the top flap has been amended

 Toro Rosso STR9 - A close up of the aforementioned increase height either side of the finger extension

Marussia MR03 - Nose and Front Wing detail

Marussia MR03 - A close up of the nose tip shows how quickly the tip retracts back whilst the angle also shows off well the outer 7 tiers to the wing.

Williams FW36 - Nose and FW pylon detail shows how the pylons are twisted to maximise their aerodynamic effect (Also note the new anniversary Senna logo which replaces the S's placed in this position since 1994)

Williams FW36 - Rear End detail

Sauber C33 - Front brake assembly detail

Sauber C33 - Front Wing detail (marked changes for 2014 include an additional tier and straight Endplate)

Force India VJM07 - Rear end detail, great shot of the car without the floor/diffuser attached

Marussia MR03 - Front Wing / Nose

Toro Rosso STR9 - Front Wing / Nose

Sauber C33 - Front Wing / Nose


  1. Batwing on W05? Any ideas?

  2. Batwing?

    Also, how short is the rocker on the front of the Force India? Seems the torsion bar has to twist quite a lot to get decent travel from the suspension, unless the ratio is quite high.


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