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14 May 2014

Ferrari have started their 2014 campaign much the way they finished last season, the third best team and although Red Bull and Mercedes may have swapped places the Tifosi won't be best pleased with the scarlet outfit that promised better for this season.

In Barcelona, Ferrari arrived with plenty of new parts to assess, what they can take solace in, is the fact that the parts they bought haven't ended up back in the parts bin like those they bought to many races last season. This further proves that the correlation between what the team is seeing in CFD and the Wind Tunnel is now as it should be with parts bearing fruit when presented on the car at the circuit.

For Barcelona the team revised their Front Wing, extending the triangular slotted vane that sits atop of the Endplate, whilst the Endplate cutout was also revised, revealing more of the wings flaps. Both of these revisions are in order to better direct the airflow out, around and over the front tyre, with the team returning to a none blown hub that was installed on Alonso's car in China to create a similar effect. You'll also note that the mainplanes arch (next to the endplate) has been slightly elongated allowing a little more airflow to move under the wing.



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