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30 May 2014

Those lovely people over at Canal+ have once again furnished us with 30 minutes of onboard footage from the Monaco GP


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  1. Hi Matt!

    In the video I observed an interesting action performed by the Mercedes drivers. You can see it for Hamilton in the starting grid right after radio requesting three burnouts. He is pushing a button at the lower left of the steering wheel, spinning up the engine and switching back to neutral, repeating this procedure two more times. Rosberg does the same procedure when he arrives at park ferme at the end of the race. And if you listen closely you can hear Hamilton also doing this right after Rosberg as his engine spinning up gets captured by Rosbergs on-board mic.
    I would suspect that this procedure is performed to charge the ES using the MGU-H. Do you agree with me and are other teams doing the same?
    I think Mercedes did this for the first time because there was no indication in the previous Canal+ videos. Also, it might be that they only did this because of the short grid in Monaco preventing the normal number of tire burnouts.

    A comment from your side on this would be appreciated,


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