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I'm Matthew Somerfield, a freelance journalist focused on the technical elements of Formula One. It has been a pleasure to provide content via this site for the last 5 years, which has led me to several paid freelancing jobs along the way. I'm currently plying my trade with and working alongside the legend that is Giorgio Piola.

This has seen the content here diminish as a result and I'd like that to change. In order to accomplish this I need your financial support, as I need to break free of the shackles of doing this part time. If you like the content I've been producing and want more of it I'd ask that if you can spare some change each month it'd go a long way towards transforming this site into the technical behemoth I know it can be.

As such I've set up a 'tip jar' over on Patreon and will continue to set goals and rewards based on our success -

28 Jun 2014

Seen as the Red Bull B team and frankly well under budget compared to the A team, Toro Rosso are really starting to punch above their weight. Clearly the FIA's stranglehold on the CFD and Wind Tunnel regulations should suit some of the midfield pack and Toro Rosso are seemingly taking advantage of that fact.

As part of a pretty large upgrade package the Faenza based squad made what outwardly looks like a minor change to their Sidepod cooling outlets. In fact it changes not only the way airflow is dealt with internally but also changes the Sidepods upper surface performance, whilst providing a cleaner airflow path around the coke bottle and another low pressure zone above the diffuser. Austria proved to be a bad race for the team but expect these changes to have a good affect going forward.



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