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6 Jun 2014

A selection of the best technical images from Circuit Gilles Villeneuve (Montreal GP) during preparation on Thursday courtesy of Sutton Images

McLaren MP4-29 Front Wing, note the new Johnnie Walker logo

Lotus E22 - Front Wing detail, note the outboard pressure gradient vanes that were tested in Spain and run at Monaco

Caterham CT05 - New Louvre-less Rear Wing Endplates

Williams FW36 central rear end detail
Caterham CT05 Front Wing detail

Marussia MR03 under chassis turning vane detail (3 tier)

Force India VJM07 - Rear Wing endplate detail (note the new sponsorship livery)

Williams FW36 - Rear End detail

Williams FW36 - Engine Cover detail

Williams FW36 - Detail, note the cooling apertures on the side of the airbox and their close proximity to the FOM cameras
Red Bull - Storing a steering wheel and Front Wing cascades
Red Bull RB10 - Front Brake duct assembley

Mercedes WO5 Rear End/Floor detail (note the rear brake fins)

Mercedes WO5 Front Wing detail

Caterham CT05 -Still carrying both Front Wing iterations to GP's

McLaren MP4-29 Front Wing detail, note the outwardly curved strakes

McLaren MP4-29 Floor detail, note the two tier section which allows airflow to move inbound/outbound to cool PU components
McLaren MP4-29 Front Wing detail, note the section in the mainplane that allows for ballast to be changed

Mercedes WO5 - Front Wing detail

McLaren MP4-29 Rear end detail

McLaren MP4-29 detail including Bargeboard and Sidepod Airflow Conditioner

Williams FW36 under nose and front wing detail

Red Bull RB10 Front brake assembly detail


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