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3 Oct 2014

In a small change to the W05 we find that Mercedes have added a small cooling duct atop of the chassis, the slot/duct allows more airflow into the cockpit but may not just be for driver comfort.  Since the start of the season the W05 has had driver cooling slot placed in the tip of the nosecone which provides a supply of fresh/cooled air into the cockpit.

Therefore we must assume that this new slot/duct serves not only as a method of providing additional cool air, but has also been added as a short term solution in relation to the failure saw in Singapore.  Afterall Singapore is the most demanding circuit on the calender for the driver and so one would assume if extra cockpit cooling was required, it would have been tailored for that track.

The failure which prevented Nico Rosberg from partaking in the Singapore GP was thought to be caused by contamination of the steering column loom by the team.  However with the team eager to allay any fears of a repeat of this, the slot may have been added to cool the region before team members clean the loom.  With a short being likely being caused by wire exposure (due to heat stress) coming into contact with cleaning fluid.

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  1. Hello Matt, While watching the race Sunday I was able to get a good look at the Mercedes cockpit during the first red flag. They have a rather large wind screen with deep V's cut out of it. I'm sure that there is not much to be gained with a windscreen right? It reminded me of the V's cut out of the rear wing.


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