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27 Oct 2014

Those that have been around Motorsport will know the name Brabham is part of it's history.  In 2014 it's making a comeback, in a new and exciting way with crowdfunding.  The ultimate aim is to take the Brabham name back to the top flight, initially in WEC but with an eye on returning to F1.  As with any crowdfunding project at the centre of their objective is to provide the willing fundee with access to the project.  In the case of Brabham some clear goals and objectives have been set, with their first target (£250,000) funding a digital portal.  An interesting concept that will engage fans, engineers and drivers, the lifeblood of any succesful team.
Members of Brabham-Fan will interact and contribute towards collaborative decisions in a way no racing team has attempted before, in turn tapping into the power of collective thinking. Brabham will share everything from its investor search, driver selection process and building its premises, to the first car build, test and race. On race weekends Brabham-Fan will become the gateway for live telemetry, behind-the-scenes footage, radio communications and even race strategy.
Brabham-Driver is for those who want to know what it takes, technically and professionally, to become the ultimate racing driver. Through online training, Brabham will provide the knowledge and understanding to develop car set-up, learn how to develop a winning mentality, get advice from nutritional experts and sports psychologists, and receive training regimes from specialist coaches.

Brabham-Engineer will involve the community in the development of the team’s racing technology while providing a series of e-learning modules around what it takes to reach the pinnacle of motorsport engineering. Project challenges will cover all aspects of aerodynamics, CFD, suspension geometry and gearboxes, where members can get involved in the development of specific parts or even a future Brabham prototype, with certification of their achievements.

Beyond their opening objective Brabham will need to garner further financial support in order to return to the top flight of motorsport with 8m the overall objective.  So if you are interested in not only supporting a legendary name in motorsport but actually getting involved, head over to their funding page: 


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