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2 Feb 2015

Pre-season testing resumes at Jerez and just like yesterday I hope to keep you abreast of the technical side with the assistance of Sutton's great images.

 A great shot of the McLaren MP4-30, note how the exhaust is upswept, whilst there are some vertical strakes mounted either side of the crash structure, which also help to control how the plume and surrounding flow upwashes
 Vettel is at the wheel of the SF15-T once again, forgot to mention yesterday that the team are using handlebar camera mounts again this season (circled) which were not shown at the cars launch.  Meanwhile in the inset we can see the teams turning vanes.
 The Lotus E23 missed testing yesterday but gets some mileage under its belt today, nothing spectacularly different from the launch renders to be seen yet.
A great view of the #CamoBull RB11 from behind
 The camo that good on the RB11 that the front wing doesn't even look it's there....
 This'll be why then, when Newey said he wanted to get the front wing into ground effect I'm not sure this is what he had in mind...
Great rearward shot of the Mercedes W06
McLaren monitoring front wing flex/deflection, this looks across at points on the front wing endplate (usually dots) to see how the wing changes under aerodynamic load
 Some nice shots of the Lotus E23

 Williams running a kiel probe rake behind the front tyre

 Mercedes W06 with flo-viz applied

Without the obstruction of the front wing and mounting pylons we get a nice view of the RB11's splitter

 Great overhead view of the McLaren MP4-30



  1. And what about that tight rear of McLaren?

  2. The rear wing of the Williams appears to be mounted on the floor of the car, i thought this was made illegal and that they had to be on pylons of some form? could you clarify the regulations for me?

    1. There are no regulations that say you must run with support pylons, Williams, Toro Rosso and McLaren all ran with the floor level support last season to which Williams have retained. It's not illegal and simply takes up and area in the regulations designed for the floor of the car, with the teams using the tolerances involved to create the floor supports.

  3. Love the McLaren Mechanic with Rubber Gloves on. To avoid electrocution in the rain perhaps?


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