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1 Feb 2015

The season is now officially underway and although I've covered most of the launches (see below) there were a few they still needed to officially unveil their car today.  As always Sutton Images have been kind enough to provide us with the images from testing.  This is a live blog post so keep checking back for images and insight as the day unfolds....

Williams FW37 render analysis
Lotus E23 render analysis
McLaren MP4-30 launch analysis
Mercedes W06 shakedown, pre launch analysis
Ferrari SF15-T launch analysis
Toro Rosso STR10 launch analysis

As I haven't covered the RB11 yet (as it was only launched this morning it is only fair their images go up first.  On the face of it the RB11 is the RB10 with a new nose and a blown front axle, however I'll delve a little deeper as the day goes on...
Toro Rosso STR10 rear end detail
 Mercedes officially pulled the covers of the W06 this morning in Jerez
Close up of the W06's front wing and nose, note the scoopless brake ducts I mentioned in my analysis
 The FW37 was soft launched with renders so it's good to actually see the physical car
 Rear end detail of the SF15-T shows that the team are running the specification noted in my analysis
The Sauber C34 on which I didn't do an analysis, primarily because it is so closely matched to its predecessor albeit with a new nose, the additional roll hoop ducts (similar to the ones trialed with DRD on the C32) and adapted sidepod cooling
STR10 - Note the Go-Pro mounted on the roll hoop
 The McLaren MP4-30 emerges with a swan neck centre mount pylon like the one shown in the 360 degree render rather than the pylon-less version shown at launch. You'll also note the team appear to be running a blown front axle
The W06 with a new orientation to the endplate canard
Another view of the new canard orientation on the W06

Some detail shots of the FW37 from the pitlane launch
RB11 in action
Williams introduced a winglet ontop of the engine cover during 2014 the team have retained it for 2015 but it has been revised with a slot introduced (highlighted in yellow) the winglet is used to clean up the airflow that heads toward the rear wing, making it more efficient.
The front brake ducts weren't shown in the MP4-30 launch and here's why, they are a fresh interpretation with the geometry of the leading edge forming a scoop without the need for the bodywork alongside the tyre.

Mercedes have applied some flo-viz to the Bat Wing and splitter region

Up periscope, this little snorkel hasn't been on the car before and is only on the left hand side.  The inlet is usually designated for turbo cooling
Red Bull have retained the 'S' duct (green inset) that transfers airflow from the underside of the nose and injects it into the upper surfaces path, aiding attachment.  The yellow inset shows the team are trying a new set of rear wing endplates, very much in the vein of the Mercedes ones.
 The SF15-T with flo-viz applied
 The W06 with flo-viz applied

 The SF15-T with flo-viz applied
The W06 with flo-viz applied
The W06 with flo-viz applied
 New diffuser for Sauber with the C34 as the team use the central U bend for starter hole access like Mercedes and McLaren did in 2014

Great shot of the W06's splitter and bat wing
The inlet for the 'S' duct lies at the base of the chassis (as it now exits further back than it did in 2014, owing to the new nose regulations)
Here's my illustration of the RB11 without the camouflage... the items of note are the 'S' duct which is further back in the chassis rather than the nose.  The car is currently full of carry over parts from the RB10 but why fix what isn't broken? Red Bull may have lacked power last year but they still had one of the best chassis' on the grid.


  1. I think that the approach from Mercedes and Williams, regarding the nose of the car, is much better than the opposition. Especially the narrow nose of Mercedes looks soo slick. Ferrari went the opposite way and looks bulky and aesthetically ugly IMO. Mercedes even reminds me of 2007 McLaren in that way. Waiting for your analysis Matt.

    1. RedBull is in the same narrow nose group (NNG :P) as well.

  2. Is it me or do the mirrors on the mclaren seem a lot higher than on other teams cars?! Alonso looks like he has to really look up to see in them?!

    1. You are right. They are positioned higher than the opposition. Don't know why, maybe it has something to do with rear tires degradation...

  3. Look at the camera in the nose of the Ferrari, are different from the version of the presentation of the car. They are the handle type as last year


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