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I'm Matthew Somerfield, a freelance journalist focused on the technical elements of Formula One. It has been a pleasure to provide content via this site for the last 5 years, which has led me to several paid freelancing jobs along the way. I'm currently plying my trade with and working alongside the legend that is Giorgio Piola.

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4 Feb 2015

I'll be updating this post throughout the day as all the best images come in from Sutton Images

 Mercedes have placed a kiel probe array toward the rear of the car, collecting data on the airflow as it moves around the sidepod into the coke bottle region

Williams add an additional vertical floor strake ahead of the rear tyre on the FW37, which will help to control the way in which tyre squirt impinges on diffuser performance  (A design akin to Mercedes)

1 comment:

  1. Great article!

    Its interesting to compare the back part of the sidepods on the Sauber and the Ferrari.

    Same engine, but such a big difference. Ferrari's are much more smaller, compact, curved. Those on sauber look like from 2002 or so. Is there any possible explanation?


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