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4 Mar 2016

A selection of the best technical images from the final day of pre-season testing in Barcelona courtesy of Sutton Images



  1. I see a mysterious exhaust hiding in the shadow, where the livery goes from green to gray, in this picture

  2. Yes, it has been covered all the way through testing and is thought to simply a blister to cover the mandatory FIA designed side impact spar. However, I've a close up from the 1st day and I could quite easily see it being opened up to act as a an exhaust for the sidepod (we've seen this done before, McLaren in 14 and further back in time in circa 2006).

  3. Dashing pics! Thanks for adding all these. I always want to have a sports vehicles but alas! These cars need more upkeep as well a very high maintenance cost which is not affordable by me. Sports cars are generally having high performance engines, sometimes hybrid engines are preferred. Anyways, keep sharing more info.


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