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27 Jul 2013

A selection of the best technical images from Friday's action at the Hungaroring thanks to Sutton Images

Ferrari F138 - NEW Diffuser, using the image below you can see that a change has been made on the outer portions of the Diffuser Gurney with the sections enclosed rather than following the perforations to the outer edge

Ferrari F138 - Rear end detail, the team using a Pitot Tube array behind the diffuser to assess it's flow, also note the flo viz painted on the upper floor surface to the left hand side of the car

Red Bull RB9 - The use of Kiel Probes on the leading edge of the Rear Wing's Endplate, undoubtedly to assess the change in airflow the change in front tyre has had (the profile of the tyre has changed because of the return to 2012 construction)

Lotus E21 - Front Wing detail

Red Bull RB9 - Another shot of the new Cockpit Fin/Canard used by Red Bull this weekend

Toro Rosso STR8 - Flo Viz applied to the Front Wing, Brake Duct, Suspension members and Sidepod of the car to assess the change in airflow caused by the changes to the tyres in Hungary

Mercedes W04 - The team have changed to an Engine Cover featuring a much larger cooling outlet, the high temperatures at the Hungaroring limit the performance of the car aiding strain on the Engine.  This change is a measured one with teams perhaps sometimes marginal on the amount of cooling used as opening up bodywork results in additional drag

Mercedes W04 - Another shot of the car shows the team using the other Engine cover (minus the Shark Fin)

Mercedes W04 - The team once again fitted and briefly trialled DRD in FP1, the circuit isn't condusive for it's use throughout the weekend.  With time lost by not being at YDT the team are still eager to test the system ahead of circuits like Spa

Red Bull RB9 - Pitot Tube array placed in the coke bottle region to assess the airflow and exhaust plume heading into the region

 Ferrari F138 - 2 mechanics carry out another Front Wing

Red Bull RB9 - Pitot Tube Array, assessing the change in airflow structure with the change in tyre construction and the changes made by the team around the Sidepod's airflow conditioner

 Red Bull RB9 - Rear End detail (Note Flo-Viz had previously been applied around the Diffuser area)

McLaren MP4-28 Rear End Detail

 Mercedes W04 Diffuser detail

 Lotus E21 - Rear end detail

 McLaren MP4-28 The team have returned to the complex 3 tier under chassis Turning Vanes they abandoned pre season rather than the very basic under nose ones they have used at the start of the season

The following images show the varied array of exhaust solutions currently being applied up and down the grid by the teams

The following images show the varied designs used around and in front of the Sidepods with different configurations of Bargeboards, Vortex Generators, Cockpit Fins/Canards and Airflow Conditioners



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