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28 Mar 2014

A selection of the best technical images from Thursday's preparations in Malaysia courtesy of Sutton Images

Lotus E22 Front brake and duct assembly
Sauber C33 Front brake and duct assembly
Toro Rosso STR9 Front brake and duct assembly
Caterham CT05 Front brake and duct assembly
Red Bull RB10 Front brake and duct assembly
Williams FW36 Front brake and duct assembly
Ferrari F14T Front brake and duct assembly
Marussia MR03 Front brake and duct assembly
McLaren MP4-28 Front brake and duct assembly
Mercedes WO5 Front brake and duct assembly
Red Bull RB10 Rear brake and duct assembly
 Williams FW36 Rear brake and duct assembly
 Williams FW36 Front wings, note the lower wing has a shallower top flap with an upstand to the outer section
 Toro Rosso STR9 - Old nose and front wing configuration top, new nose and front wing bottom
Sauber C33 - New front wing at the top features a new shallower top flap whilst the outer section stands proud of the flap
 Mercedes WO5 Rear wing, note the oil cooler that sits astride the gearbox and resides within the engine covers central cooling funnel
Mercedes WO5 Front wing, note the vortex generators on the second tier of the mainplane sit ahead of the strakes behind the wing.  These disturb the airflow increasing the strakes efficiency
Marussia MR03 Front wing (7 tiers)
Toro Rosso STR9 - Rear wing central mounting pylon as tested in Melbourne
 Mercedes WO5 - Front wing from behind
 Mercedes WO5 Front wing from behind
 Mercedes WO5 - Under chassis detail (Splitter, Turning Vanes and Bat Wing)
 Williams FW36 Front wing from behind
Lotus E22 - Checks made to the rear wings mainplane and top flap
 Mercedes WO5 Front Wing (raced in Melbourne)
Mercedes WO5 New Front Wing (tested in Melbourne but un-raced)


  1. Looking at the central wing support, I wonder if the F1 designers could take a cue from the LMP1 category and start using swan neck supports

  2. Hi Ted

    I'm sure the engineers would look into it were it viable. The regulations that prohibit the F Duct also rule out swan neck supports...

  3. Red Bull have their front brake calipers mounted in a lower position rather than in a 'standard' rear position. What is the benefit of this , I assume it lowers centre of gravity but would have thought everyone would have similar if that was the case?

    1. The benefit of a lower calliper is lower CoG, but the drawbacks are that cooling and bleeding the calliper are more difficult.
      Its interesting to see that Redbull don't appear to have larger cooling ducts to the callipers than their competitors.

  4. Force India VJM07 Front brake and duct assembly - Marussia MR03

  5. How the the brake fluid hoses run out to the calipers? It just occured to me that I've never seen any hoses.


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