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11 Mar 2014

As a bit of fun I always enter as many of the Fantasy GP predictors etc as I can but this year I thought it would be fun to get you all involved too and so here are the links to all of my leagues and the passwords etc for you to join too:

Badger GP - Fantasy Grand Prix - League Name: TechF1 Pin: 614375
Hilton H Honors Fantasy Racing - League Name: SomersF1 League Password: TechF1
Castrol Edge Grand Prix Predictor - My League Link:

Throughout the season I'll see what I can rummage together as prizes for each league too


  1. Pretty pumped about fantasy F1 this year. I've tried a few different sites out over the last few years, haven't quite settled on one I really like. Just signed up for TechF1 league!

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