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2 Apr 2014

Toro Rosso briefly tested the use of an inverted Y-Lon in Melbourne and it seemed the team were going to make do without it in Malaysia too with the team doing plenty of running without either the Y-Lon or their Y100 winglet used during pre-season adorning the car.

For qualifying and the race however the team re-installed the Y-Lon which also required a change of rear wing profiles, mitigating some of the loss as it connects with the underside of the mainplane. In reality, one of the most intriguing sections of the Y-Lon is not it's installation in order to increase rear wing rigidity but the lower cylindrical elements impact on the surrounding airflow. 

Surrounding the exhaust would seem to be it's primary purpose but the shaping, orientation and it's offset from the engine cover means it should work in unison with the exhaust to pull airflow through and over the engine cover, once again utilising the exhaust to influence airflow.


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