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14 May 2014

Lotus continue to battle from the back foot having been late with their 2014 challenger, a succession of powerunit issues has also curtailed the Enstone based teams performances and so they approached Barcelona with fresh vigor hoping to put some of this behind them.

There has clearly been a shift of emphasis this season with the treatment of the powerunit and ancillaries playing just as much a pivotal role in performance as the aerodynamic side of things. Cooling is of course just as pivotal whether it be the old V8's or the current powerunits and so Lotus made a mild revision to their package for Barcelona with a bulge appearing on the top of the left hand sidepod. 

This has clearly been done to accommodate a size/orientation change within the sidepod and to the radiators/intercooler that is housed within. This is not balanced on the right hand side of the car but as we know asymmetry plays a role in the rest of the E22 and so they can likely offset this sharply sloping bodywork.



  1. Great articles as always, Matt, but I think you are circling the wrong 'bulge'. There is no bulge there. The bump is located futher bag, in front of the red 'PDVSA'

    1. There is a bulge at the back of the circle that is not on the other side of the car. It isn't large but I do see it.


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