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16 May 2014

Those lovely people over at Canal+ have once again furnished us with the footage from the Spanish GP

If you would like to see the onboard footage from the previous rounds:

Australia, Malaysia & Bahrain

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Written by Matthew 'SomersF1' Somerfield

Formula One is a sport that pushes technological boundaries, with the pace of the changes to the cars as swift as the laptimes. This blog looks to keep you upto speed with these alterations.


  1. From 1:11 to 1:27 the Williams pushrod seems to change its length during the state of rebound and/ or steering (see the golden part at the rod end). Does anyone know the reason of it?

    1. Hi

      It's not FRIC in the conventional sense, it simply extends the pushrod allowing for a larger contact patch on the outside tyre.


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