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20 Jun 2014

A selection of the best technical images from the Red Bull Ring in Austria courtesy of Sutton Images

 Force India VJM07 - New Nose (upper) - note the mounting pylon shape...
 Ferrari F14T Front Brake Duct detail
Ferrari F14T front wing detail from behind
Ferrari F14T front brake detail
Red Bull RB10 front brake duct detail
Force India VJM07 new under chassis turning vanes (Flattened out at their base like Red Bull)
Force India VJM07 - New airflow conditioners, now split into two with the rear element acting as a leading edge slat over the top of the sidepod inlet
Sauber C33 - lower downforce rear wing as used by Esteban in Canada
Force India VJM07 rear wing assembly

Marussia MR03 front wing detail from behind
Lotus E22 front brake duct detail
Mercedes WO5 under chassis turning vane detail
Mercedes WO5 serrated and twin element bargeboard detail (note all sections have their own chord)
Mercedes WO5 rear end detail (note the tiny gurney applied to the Y100 extensions either side of the crash structure)
Mercedes WO5 rear floor detail
Ferrari F14T front wing detail from behind
Mercedes WO5 Front wing detail, note the thermal imaging camera just peeping into view over the endplate
Williams FW36 front wing, the hooked endplate variant that was tested in FP sessions in Canada but not raced
Williams FW36 front wing detail
 Red Bull RB10 front brake 'caketin'
 Mercedes WO5 Front wing detail (note the inner endplate canard)
Mercedes WO5 'Bat Wing' placed astride the under chassis sensor


  1. The Williams front wing detail is just silly. There must be a point at which the Law of Diminishing Returns comes into play with these daft aero additions?

    1. It's not that silly, it's got them a front row lock out!

    2. Well - we'll see how they do in the race, apparently they were chewing up their rear tyres. At least being at the front means they might not get the winglets knocked off at the first corner!

    3. 3rd and 4th say to me it must be working fairly well.

    4. Working fairly well for 3rd and 4th implies a correlation, but does not provide proof of causation surely?

    5. Well I have to admit the boys done good, but I doubt the multi winglet front wing was as cost effective as the Merc power unit and the software to run it.

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