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20 Sept 2014

Force India have introduced large upgrade packages at several key stages of the season, but retained a constant flow of parts throughout the season too.  For the high downforce configuration of Singapore the team have introduced some updates at the rear of the car to bring extra performance.

These updates come in the form of new rear brake ducts and a new diffuser, which have been introduced in tandem as both provide performance that can't work in isolation.

The diffuser features several key changes:

  1. The inner most strakes have been set slightly back from the tip of the diffuser and now feature a very Red Bull-esque slot in the bottom section.
  2. The secondary strakes have also been set back from the tip, allowing the upper surface to be straightened, whilst a section has been cut out from the trailing edge.
  3. The 3rd strake has been set back much further, whilst the fourth strake has been deleted. 
  4. The diffusers periphery has been shaped differently too, to counter the loss of the 4th strake. Whilst the perforated gurneys outer section has also been increased slightly in size.
Above: As a comparison here is their diffuser used up until Singapore

The team have also made a change to their rear brake duct winglets (below, whilst their old ones can be seen in the image above), inline with the changes made to the diffuser as both have an impact on the tyres wake, meaning a change in diffuser ethos must also be met with a change to these winglets
Above: Image via @ScarbsF1



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