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26 Feb 2015

A selection of the best technical images from Barcelona courtesy of Sutton Images
 STR10 - New 3 tier Y100 winglet (Monkey Seat)
 STR10 - Pectoral fins added to the chassis inline with their new nose design
 RB11 - Flow-viz applied to the sidepod inlet to assess flow, also note the thermal imaging camera mounted in the wing mirror looking at the back of the front tyre
 SF15-T - Nothing new, just a nice shot of the car
 STR10 - New nose, changed for the 'thumb' style ran by Red Bull and Williams
 MP4-30 - Kiel probe array mounted behind the front tyre to assess wake
 W06 - With the impending ban on the stalks that extrude from the noses upper surface, Mercedes are trying these new stalks which mount to the side of the nose
 FW37 - New airflow conditioners for Williams, they now arch over to meet with the sidepods shoulder, whilst you'll also note their orientation (splayed). Highlighted in yellow is the Vortex Generator that appears to have moved along to allow the curved airflow conditioners introduction.  The bargeboards now also feature serrations (marked in yellow)
 Williams had bucked the trend up until this point and ran without central supports, however this morning they have added a centreline inverted Y-Lon.  This will allow them to move the DRS hydraulics to the support, making it easier to make gains with the rear wings endplates.  You'll note the Y-Lon is also swan neck shaped to connect with the DRS actuator pod rather than the underside of the wing.
 The E23 fitted with a Kiel probe array just beneath the rear wing elements

 RB11 - Just look at that undercut!
SF15-T rear end from above



  1. Not only a new aerodynamic package on the STR10, but according to James Key, a new underfloor, new suspension, new lay-out of the cooling system and of course the latest Renault PU.
    Furthermore, looking at the pictures, the wasp tail behind the side pods seems to be even narrower. Is that true or am I mistaken?

    Wim van de Kimmenade

  2. @Matt,

    Please can you explain the difference in between a Pitot tube and a Kiel probe!


    Wim van de Kimmenade


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