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7 May 2015

A selection of the best technical images from the Spanish GP courtesy of Sutton Images
Note: I've highlighted in green the fins used inside the sidepods inlet to increase the radiators efficiency
Note: Green inset = new brake duct fin (marked in yellow) Blue inste = new crossover pipework which dispatches airflow collated in the scoop and sends it out through the wheel face, assisting in re-directing the wake shed by the front wheel.
 Manor MR03B Splitter detail
 Red Bull RB11 Front wing detail
 Red Bull RB11 bulkhead detail
 Sauber C33 rear brake duct detail
 Lotus E23 rear wing detail
 Lotus E23 front brake duct detail
 Mercedes W06 front brake duct detail (also note circled are the new fins added to the side of the monocoque, inside the bargeboards)
 Mercedes W06 airflow conditioner detail
 Red Bull RB11 bulkhead detail
 Williams FW37 rear wing detail
 Williams FW37 has three vortex generators astride the sidepod inlet instead of one (marked in yellow)
 Ferrari SF15-T rear wing detail
 Ferrari SF15-T chassis detail
Ferrari SF15-T brake duct detail
McLaren MP4-30 front wing detail
 Williams FW37 bulkhead detail
 Sauber C33 monkey seat detail
 McLaren MP4-30 front wing endplate detail
 Force India VJM08 front bulkhead and 'S' duct detail
 Force India VJM08
 McLaren MP4-30
Toro Rosso STR10
Sauber C33
 Red Bull RB11
 Mercedes W06
 Williams FW37
 Lotus E23
 Manor MR03-B
 Ferrari SF15-T
 Force India VJM08 rear end detail
 Ferrari SF15-T with new winglets mounted on the diffuser gurney
 Red Bull RB11 new 'shorter' nose, features an elongated central tip, lent back support pylons, giving more space either side of the tip (Full analysis can be found here:
 Red Bull RB11 longer 'tongue' section on the 'S' duct to marry with the new nose
 Mercedes W06 detail shot during prep
 Ferrari SF15-T front wing from behind
 Red Bull RB11 older specification nose for comparison
 Ferrari SF15-T this great shot looking forward at the sidepod shows the profile change at the outer section
 Ferrari SF15-T another great shot of the new diffuser gurney vanes
 Manor MR03-B front brake detail
 Lotus E23 front brake detail
 Toro Rosso STR10 front brake detail
Williams FW37 front brake detail
 Red Bull RB11 front brake detail
Mercedes W06 front brake detail
 Mercedes W06 front wing detail
 Red Bull RB11 new shorter nose detail
 Red Bull RB11 new shorter nose detail
 Red Bull RB11 extensive work being carried out on Ricciardo's car
 Mercedes W06 rear wing detail
Mercedes W06 floor detail

Below are some of AMuS's technical images from their full gallery which can be found here:
Ferrari SF15-T's new serrated bargeboards, sidepod airflow conditioner, cockpit fin and sidepod geometry

 Mercedes W06 Bat Wing, note the longer slot that the team have been using
Mercedes W06 - note the fins that have been added in behind the bargeboards

You can also check out my technical image gallery for Grand Prix Times


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    Thanks for the pics.

  2. Hi Matt, thanks for posting the pics, just so happens I was reading about the new Red Bull nose and wanted to compare etc, and as I look at the images, there seem to be 3 basic approaches to current nose design. Could you maybe do a piece outlining the pros/cons of each concept? Thanks for your efforts, good work!!


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