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Mercedes AMG F1

Mercedes re-entered the sport in 2010, having purchased the championship winning BrawnGP outfit.  The first few seasons were a difficult time for the manufacturer but they embraced the rule changes ushered in for 2014 and have won three consecutive titles in the time that has passed since.

This post is an archive of the work I've done regarding the team.

BrawnGP - The Championship winning car that nearly didn't exist
The trouble at Mercedes - An overview of their 2010-12 seasons

Mercedes W05
Mercedes W05 at Monza, note the shorter chord flaps with aggressive V grooves and lack of Y150 winglet (monkey seat)

Launch / Jerez

WO5 Launch analysis
Mercedes WO5 breaks cover and then breaks it's nose/front wing (Jerez)
Bite Size Tech: A close look at the WO5's Front Wing to see how it compares to it's predecessor - Jerez
Bite Size Tech: The WO5's Diffuser U Bend - Jerez 
Bite Size Tech: The W05's serrated rear wing endplates - Jerez 

Bahrain (2nd pre-season test)

Bite Size Tech: WO5 various cooling options

Bahrain (3rd pre-season test)

Bite Size Tech: WO5 new splitter
Bite Size Tech: WO5 twin element sidepod airflow conditioners
Bite Size Tech: WO5 roll hoop snorkels
Bite Size Tech: WO5 split and serrated bargeboards
Bite Size Tech: WO5 Y100 triangular diffuser vanes
Bite Size Tech: WO5 Twin floor strakes

Australian GP

Bite Size Tech: WO5 New Front Wing (not raced)
Bite Size Tech: New roll hoop inlet snorkels

Malaysian GP

Tech Talk: WO5 Upgrades (Front Wing, Cooling Options and Y100 Winglets/Diffuser Gurney Extensions 

Bahrain GP

Bite Size Tech: WO5 Front Wing alterations 

Chinese GP

Bite Size Tech: WO5 New higher nose 

Spanish GP

Bite Size Tech: New Front Wing, Sidepods and Airflow Conditioners 

Post Spanish GP Test

Bite Size Tech: New Y100 Winglet / Monkey Seat


Monkey Seat Business (including Mercedes)

Canadian GP

ERS issues explained

British GP

Sidepod Airflow Conditioner amendments
Slimline (Low Drag) Y100 Winglet tested at post race test

Belgian GP

Low downforce rear wing
Restructured nose, turning vanes and brake duct fin

Italian GP

Extremely low downforce rear wing
New 'Tyre Squirt' slot
New wing mirror mount and cockpit canard arrangement

Singapore GP

New Y100 (Monkey Seat) winglet
Gear ratio change

Japanese GP

Detached floor scroll
Front wing amendments
Cockpit cooling slot added
New diffuser 

Russian GP

Rear wing amendments

Abu Dhabi

MGU-K failure - Rosberg

Mercedes W06

Pre-season test (Barcelona)

New Diffuser and Y100 winglet
Sidepod cooling outlets and detached hoops
Crash structure upwash fins
Wing mirror / cockpit fins
Front brake duct scoop


Front brake duct fin


Front wing serrated flap 


Mercedes 'S' duct trial


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